2. Sharing knowledge and emotions about history and culture has become the best way of expressing ourselves and making something important for the people around. We bring together our expertise in history, foreign languages, travel and cultural studies to give you blended historical, cultural and daily perspective from a keen observer.
1. This project was created by a team of local guides who share the passion for story-telling. We represent ourselves and there is no agency between us and a customer. That's why your opinion and your satisfaction are our top priorities. To fully guarantee the quality of our tours, we will reimburse you if you are not satisfied with the quality of any tour. Pay for the tour only in case you liked it.
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Founder, Guide
Hello to everyone! I was born and raised in Novosibisk, south-west part of Siberia, famous for its rough continental climate. Siberians are not those who aren't resistant to cold, but those who wear warmer clothes. I've learnt to see beauty in every detail of the world around me and to listen to the stories it has prepared for us. But more than that, I like to tell exciting stories about my favourite city, Moscow!
Guide, Bank manager
Due parole di me: sono moscovita di origine, nata a Mosca, amo tantissimo la mia bellissima citta' e vorrei condividere quest'amore con i nostri ospiti. Sto lavorando con gli italiani gli ultimi 25 anni, prima nella Rappresentanza di un'azienda metallurgica a Mosca, poi nelle Rappresentanze delle varie banche italiane. Ma ho sempre voluto di diventare una guida. E, come a volte succede nella vita, i sogni si realizzano: adesso sono la guida autorizzata dal Governo della citta' di Mosca. E sono alla vostra disposizione!