Experiences that have shaped me
In the middle of siberia
Since my first university year I have been trying to bring together all my hobbies and passions to fully express myself. As time went on, I quickly gained a profound conversational knowledge of English, German, Italian, French and even Turkish.

Whenever foreigners came to the university in my hometown, I offered them guided tours. These first tours focused both on natural landmarks as well as scientific institutes of the "Siberian silicon valley" as our academic town is called.
life under a volcano
When I came under the mighty shade of Vesuvius, guided tours became my main job. I gave tours to Russian, English and German-speaking groups of adults, children and students across the whole Vesuvian area including Naples, Capua, Paestum, volcano itself and all other major archaeological and historical sites.

I came back to Moscow 4 years ago to change lifestyle one more time.
Then I decided to confirm my experience and guiding skills by a solid education at the University of Tourism named after a great traveller Senkevich. Two years ago I became a licensed guide. At the same time I worked as a leading specialist in the biggest Russian airline company, Aeroflot.

Over the past four years I've been giving guided tours around Moscow for both individuals and groups. For example, I've supported members of OSCE/EU commission during Russia's parliamentary election, Italian guests at the MIFF film festivals in 2018 (the Riccardo va il inferno team including Massimo Ranieri ) and MIFF 2019 (screenwriter Valia Santella, directors Valerio Mastandrea and Valerio Miele), top Italian designers Matteo Nunziati, Lorenzo Palmeri and Federico Peri.
One summer I was tour-leader on a big expedition across Russian North for a group of Scottish tourists including professor of Edinburgh University, archaeologist Warwick Ball, Ryurikid Princess Nina Lobanov-Rostovskaya, an american ballet dancer, the most prominent specialist in the Russian Art from Louvre and a famous Scottish publisher.

In the picture below: Princess Lobanov-Rostovskaya and professor Emanuel from Louvre at the shores of the Siverskoye lake in the Russian North
Two years ago I decided to go to one of 100 world's biggest companies according to Fortune Magazine (Italy-based Enel Group).

Now I'm a leading simultaneous and consecutive interpreter into Italian and English at high level meetings with government officials and global CEOs, international conferences and corporate events.
But guided tours still remain my favourite activity, because this is my biggest passion where history, culture, local experience and emotions come together in a perfect blend of adventurous spirit.